My interest in skincare did not really start until the last few years. I think that in high school, I had a lot of breakouts on my chin and all I wanted to do was blast them with benzoyl peroxide or gimmicky items like Clearasil to make them go away. I specifically remember that when I was getting makeup put on for a musical I was in senior year, my drama teacher said, “You need to get some moisturizer, girl!” I shrugged it off and didn’t really seem to understand or care why I should be using moisturizer – I thought it would just clog my skin and cause me to break out more.

While I still get the occasional breakout, my skin is now generally pretty soft and smooth. I can credit some of that to good nutrition, exercise, hydration, and never smoking, and I also think that being a prisoner to my studies for so long helped, too. I missed out on a lot of beach days with my friends, but since I was never really into suntanning, my skin isn’t damaged.

All of my favorite products are inexpensive – I purchase them from Amazon, Target, or Trader Joe’s. My routine is pretty simple. In the mornings, I wash my face with “Yes to Carrots” cream facial cleanser and follow it up with a vitamin C serum and my favorite sunscreen from Rujevelle, which contains aloe, vitamins, and antioxidants. I also use a light cream for under my eyes – I have always had dark circles under my eyes from staying up late to study, and now they are there from staying up late to blog and grade!

I have a spinning brush and dermaroller that I will use once every couple weeks. I usually use the spinning brush with a charcoal or vitamin C scrub, and I will disinfect the dermaroller before and after use and immediately follow with a vitamin C serum. Every few days, I will use an exfoliant or a mask. While I do not want to go overboard on product use, I do change it up so that my skin does not get too used to any one product.

These are some of my favorite items. I love to use the rosewater after using the spinning brush or a scrub. It moisturizes and refreshes the skin. The brightening overnight mask is great because it keeps the skin hydrated all evening, and I love gel moisturizers and any products that contain vitamin C!

The Olay micro-dermabrasion kit is amazing! I only use it once or twice a week, but the scrub is followed by a peel activator serum that instantly brightens and softens skin. I also use a lip scrub and occasionally use collagen pads for my under-eyes. I change the masks up, but I am a big fan of hydrating sheet masks, peel-off masks, and scrub or mud masks. I have tried not to buy too many lately, they’re so fun to have, and everything can be fixed by a good face mask, right?

I also drink tons of water all day to make sure I stay hydrated. I have several cups of detox, green, and white tea per day, and I also use collagen peptides in my smoothies. I try to have fruits and vegetables that contain a good amount of antioxidants and nutrients, and I do notice that diet has an effect on my skin, so I try to keep it on point.

What are your favorite skincare items? I’m always looking for a new product to integrate!

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