Weekly Recap

It’s Monday evening, and I’ve had a pretty good day with my nutrition, exercise, and mental clarity. It’s always nice to start the week off on the right foot, so I’m hoping to push through positively for the rest of the coming days!

My last recap left off the day before my dog’s birthday. I still can’t believe Oliver is 7! It was a beautiful day, so I hurried through an arm workout at the gym and then rushed back to see my sweet boy. He’s such a cutie pie, although he hates hats as much as the next dog! After giving him some presents, I took him for a long walk, and we enjoyed the sunshine and light breeze together.

Tuesday I had a green smoothie for breakfast and a chopped salad from Trader Joe’s for lunch. It had romaine, cabbage, cotija cheese, carrots, and I added some avocado. I had plans with my mom and my brother that evening, so I rushed home so I could fit in a quick yoga session before going out. I did one that was mainly for stretching, and I needed it because my shoulders and arms were super-sore from Monday’s workout! I did lat pulldowns, bicep curls, triceps dips, push-ups, flys, weighted jumping jacks, chest raises, forward raises, and used a heavy resistance band and a heavy bar. After my stretch session, I went to go meet my family at the theater to see Pet Sematary. It was pretty good! I like Stephen King and horror movies, but there was a promotion going on at the theater and we had to sit in the front row – I definitely got a bit of a headache from that, but it was still a fun night.

Wednesday was another beautiful day. I wanted to be outside the whole time, so I skipped lunch. I was planning to eat a big dinner after my workout. I got new resistance bands from Amazon (theXbands) weighted at 30 and 60 lbs. I decided to start off with the 30-lb band and I did a lot of leg and ab stretching exercises. I cooled down with the stair climber and then went for a walk with Julian when I got home. I made a mustard marinade for salmon/chicken along with grilled cauliflower and steamed broccoli. There were plenty of leftovers for Thursday’s lunch! I spent Thursday evening watching the new episode of The Act and made some Trader Joe’s ravioli with Swiss chard, kale, spinach, and cheese with a side of broccoli and zucchini. My no-makeup, Act-engrossed look:

Friday started off with an apple cider vinegar/cayenne shot and a smoothie. Here are some of my current favorite smoothie ingredients.

I had a great Friday evening workout after work that consisted of squat jumps and a bunch of different exercises with the bosu ball. I mostly use it for my abs and legs. I finished with a mile run and the stepper. After that, I made potato tacos (previous post) and Julian and I went grocery-shopping. I picked up some stuff for the week: spinach, broccoli, zucchini, sweet peppers, jalapenos, avocados, lime, sparkling water, Beyond burgers, eggs, and riced veggies. When we got home, I did laundry, graded papers, and cleaned out the refrigerator…super-exciting!

Saturday, I had a heavy leg workout accompanied by a grape Beyond Raw Lit. I grabbed an unwich from Jimmy John’s on the way home because I had hours of cleaning ahead of me. I washed all of our towels and bath mat and scrubbed down the entire apartment!

Cleaning is definitely therapeutic for me. I lit a pineapple mango candle from Bath & Body Works and enjoyed the sunset. We were having Julian’s family over to watch the UFC fights and ordered pizza from Home Run Inn.

This is one of my favorite views – the kitchen window, especially when the sun is getting ready to set. These are my plants and dinosaur salt and pepper shakers!

The beautiful weather of the week was disrupted by a day full of snow Sunday. I was really disappointed – I wanted to be outside! Although we did have somewhat of a lazy Sunday filled with reading, we took a short drive through the woods. The freshly-fallen snow was beautiful. I also managed to catch this little guy.

I decided to do a 24-hour fast starting Sunday evening. I like to do intermittent fasting every once in a while, just to sort of detox and give my body a reset. I had a great arm and shoulder workout at the gym again and then when I got home, I made a Beyond burger with lettuce and avocado with a side of raw broccoli and hummus. I hope to keep this healthy mindset throughout the rest of the week.

My family has done a big Easter brunch my whole life, but my grandma recently had surgery and decided not to do it for the first time ever. My brother and I are pretty bummed, but we will still have an Easter dinner at my other grandma’s house. They always have tons of veggies, so I know I can still make some good choices. But I will definitely be eating some chocolate too 🙂

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