Catch-Up Post

Hello--it's Sunday evening and we just had a fifty-degree day in Chicago. Julian, Oliver, and I spent it in the woods. I had a full week of healthy eating, workouts, and doctor appointments, so I'll try to bring things up to speed here starting from last Sunday. I spent the morning grading. Sometimes, it's really … Continue reading Catch-Up Post

A Week of Fitness & Healthy Eating

It's Sunday evening and I'm winding down from a rare 52-degree February day in Chicago. It's also the Super Bowl, but I don't even have regular television channels and I don't care much for sports, so that doesn't really matter to me. I spent today walking my dog and exploring a new trail in a … Continue reading A Week of Fitness & Healthy Eating

Recap: Outdoor Adventures, Dog Paradise, & Groceries

Hello! It's Sunday evening and a gloomy, cool night in Chicago. I love this type of weather because it's perfect for exploring, aesthetically beautiful, and puts me in a writing mood. This week was filled with fun adventures and went by really quickly. As much as I can't wait for Halloween, I feel like I … Continue reading Recap: Outdoor Adventures, Dog Paradise, & Groceries