Overdue Recap Post

Hello--it's a somewhat mild December Sunday in Chicago, and this is the first recap post I've written in months. As I've mentioned before, I've been having a lot of health issues that seemingly happened overnight. Within the past month, I've found out that I have a 3 cm nodule growing on my thyroid and some … Continue reading Overdue Recap Post

Veggie-packed Autumn Soup

One of my favorite ways to get veggies in is through soup, chili, and casserole, because you can throw a ton of things in there. When I was grocery shopping the other day, I came across some acorn squash and thought a fall soup would be nice on such a cold day. For this soup, … Continue reading Veggie-packed Autumn Soup

Recap: Outdoor Adventures, Dog Paradise, & Groceries

Hello! It's Sunday evening and a gloomy, cool night in Chicago. I love this type of weather because it's perfect for exploring, aesthetically beautiful, and puts me in a writing mood. This week was filled with fun adventures and went by really quickly. As much as I can't wait for Halloween, I feel like I … Continue reading Recap: Outdoor Adventures, Dog Paradise, & Groceries