Labor Day In a Prairie

Hi, everyone! I hope you all had an enjoyable long weekend. Julian and I decided to go on a little adventure and drove about an hour away to the Goose Lake Prairie State Natural Area. Near there is another prairie where you can see bison, but it was closed. I started my Labor Day morning … Continue reading Labor Day In a Prairie

A Look Back at My Week

Hello! It's been a crazy week, and I haven't had much time to do anything. I seem to have developed a sinus infection last Sunday, so I was fighting it all week and had to take a small break from my workouts. The week didn't exactly go as planned in terms of my general fitness … Continue reading A Look Back at My Week

Recap: Outdoor Adventures, Dog Paradise, & Groceries

Hello! It's Sunday evening and a gloomy, cool night in Chicago. I love this type of weather because it's perfect for exploring, aesthetically beautiful, and puts me in a writing mood. This week was filled with fun adventures and went by really quickly. As much as I can't wait for Halloween, I feel like I … Continue reading Recap: Outdoor Adventures, Dog Paradise, & Groceries