Last Weeks of Summer

I can’t believe there are only few weeks left of what has to have been the weirdest summer in years. Though time is flying by and I haven’t had the chance to swim or go to a beach (not risking it), I have definitely been able to enjoy the outdoors this summer. I’ve done lots of walking, bike-riding, rollerblading, and hiking. In fact, I had Monday off and Julian and I went hiking on a path that is definitely a challenge because of its many steep hills. It was beautiful in the woods, but as it got darker and darker, we knew a storm was coming. Just as we began to make our way out of the trail, the storm started. I caught a picture right before the rain began.

It was kind of scary driving in the downpour, but we made it over to a nearby deli and ordered lunch to eat in their covered garden. It was so humid earlier in the day, but the wind was whipping at nearly 70 miles per hour, so it was chilly while we ate. I was happy to find that this deli offered a gluten-free bun, so I got a sandwich with turkey and avocado. Speaking of, I’d made a lot of great gluten-free dishes lately, including some delicious pasta, cookies, and pancakes.

Honestly, eating gluten-free is not nearly as hard as I think many people think it is. I wish it weren’t more expensive, but I have found plenty of excellent gluten-free items for reasonable prices. I really like the Live G-Free brand from Aldi, and I like Trader Joe’s gluten-free bread and almond flour cookies. There are tons of great recipes through the Instagram gluten-free community, too! If it’s something you’ve been considering, maybe start yourself off with small challenges, like a gluten-free week, and see how it goes! I mainly live gluten-free to promote thyroid health, but once you read about the dangers of gluten, it can become a lifestyle.

In addition to hiking and exploring the woods, one other great adventure I had recently is visiting a pet cemetery. I’d never actually been to one before, and this one was much bigger than I expected! It was really cute. Even though I found myself tearing up several times, I also smiled a lot at how much these animals were loved. It was definitely a unique and interesting experience.

This made me miss my own dogs, so I had to go give them extra hugs when I got home. I believe I mentioned a few posts back that Julian’s parents got a new puppy. We recently introduced him to my pups, and it’s been pretty funny. Buddy is definitely scared of Brutus, but he’s a 100+-lb German Shepard, so it’s not that surprising! We hope as they continue to socialize, they play more. They are pretty cute, though.

Other than getting my workouts in, eating healthy, and spending lots of times with the dogs, I’m also preparing for Halloween! October is my favorite month, and since I started experiencing all those weird symptoms last October, I missed out on a lot of my favorite activities. Though I know this year will be different due to COVID, I am ready to start incorporating little elements in the house, starting with these guys! Hopefully, I’ll find some other spookier stuff to add, too.

I plan to spend the next couple weeks taking as many walks and hikes as I can and really soaking up the warm sun (with sunscreen, of course!). I do miss the warm weather when fall arrives, and it’s hard with time moving by so quickly, so I want to enjoy as much as I can now that I am feeling a bit better. Now that I am back at work, I sometimes take walks during my lunch break, but the corporate life can certainly be draining. Wishing you all an excellent week, and I plan to document my Halloween decorations as they come along!

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