At-Home Workouts

My gym has been closed down for almost a month now, and while it’s sometimes tough to improvise, I think that having to think outside the box for my workouts has been beneficial for my health, mental state, and I’ve even seen changes in my overall physique that I hadn’t been seeing from my regular gym-going.

While I really enjoy working out to PsycheTruth, MadFit, and other exercise videos, I also like putting together my own circuits so that I can challenge different muscle groups. When I went to the gym, I would work arms on Monday, full-body on Wednesday, legs (cardio – squat jumps and resistance) Friday, and legs and abs (heavy weights) on Saturday, but I have been changing it up a little at home. This is all I have to work out with.

While it isn’t much in the way of equipment, it helps me to be more creative. I feel like I would occasionally spend time in the gym a little aimlessly, especially when someone was using a machine I wanted or an area I wanted to be in was too crowded. Now, I focus on a lot of exercises using my body weight. I do lots more push-ups, pull-ups, burpees, planks, and exercises that force me to support my weight.

I still have a long way to go, but I have noticed that the conditioning has improved my overall breathing, posture, muscle tone, and endurance. Now that I’m mostly running and rollerblading outside, I’ve found it much easier to keep going without losing breath or having to pause.

Today, I completed a pretty intense arm circuit. It took me about 45-50 minutes to do, and afterward, I stretched out and took a 20-minute walk to cool down. I’m sharing it here!

These workouts can be done with light weights, medium-heavy weights, or even household objects, like heavier cans or containers. To clarify, for my in/out walking push-ups, I start with a regular push-up and then move my hands outward as far as possible and then back inward, dipping into a push-up each time I move my hands. The kick-backs are usually done on a bench, but you can also do them with a flat back. For this workout, I used a combo of 5-lb dumbbells and 10-lb dumbbells. I was really sweating after! I stretched out for a good ten minutes and my arms already feel sore.

I will be sharing more workouts with you soon, and I hope you like this one!

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