Boring Week’s Recap

I just threw a load of laundry in the dryer and am finally sitting down after a long day of work, working out, and doing household things. I’m sure everyone can relate to how difficult it is going back to work after a four-day weekend, but today was really tough! I actually did not do a ton last week, which is why it was a little boring, but it is kind of nice to slow down sometimes.

Last Monday, I started my day with a green smoothie filled with spinach, frozen berries, ginger, pea sprouts, collagen, and Amazing Grass greens. My mom always brings me interesting things from the Farmer’s Market, like pea sprouts or dandelion greens, and I like throwing them in my smoothies. I had a salad with Romaine, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms, and avocado with honey Dijon dressing for lunch. After work, I did my own at-home circuit for arms. I used a chair to do triceps dips, used my husband’s pull-up bar to attempt some pull-ups, did push-ups, used a resistance band I recently got, and did some arm work with 10-lb dumbbells. After, I went for a mile run around the neighborhood. It’s been interesting trying to get used to not going to the gym, but I feel like I am seeing better results lately. Julian pointed out that I am doing more full-body workouts with an emphasis on body weight exercises, so maybe that is helping.

Tuesday was very hot in Chicago and I had to drive back and forth to a few appointments for work. For lunch, I had the new strawberry Caprese salad from Panera and it was really good!

After work, I did a yoga flow with Sanela to work on my back strength. I had a salad with Romaine, grape tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms, avocado, and a couple croutons for dinner, and Julian and I took a drive through the woods during the rainstorm. It looked so cool! The condensation and heat created a fog that made the woods look very mysterious and spooky. It inspired me to start work all over again on a novel I’ve been working on. I wasn’t sure about the direction it was going and so even though I wrote 70 pages, I started it over from the very beginning. I’m feeling very excited about it.

Wednesday, I had a green smoothie for breakfast and hoped the work day would go by quickly. It was kind of dead because a lot of people were already off for the holiday. I got out a little early and did a glute/thigh workout with a 30-lb resistance band, ran around the neighborhood, and went for a short hike in the woods. I heard a pack of coyotes howling along with an ambulance. It was very cool. Later, I met up with my friend at a local park district to watch a fireworks show.

Thursday was the Fourth. I woke up early and went to visit my parents and ride my mom’s bike. I don’t have storage at my apartment and can’t comfortably keep a bike here so it is lucky she lives close. I also walked Oliver, but it was very hot so I couldn’t take him too far. Julian was really sick and we ended up not going to any events even though we were invited to a couple. I could have gone, but I didn’t want to leave him alone when he was feeling so unwell, so I braved the grocery store and picked up ingredients for potato salad, veggie pasta salad, Beyond burgers, and Truly hard seltzer so I could still have a little celebration. He was able to eat a little later in the day and we took a walk through the neighborhood to enjoy some of the fireworks. I just cannot stand the ones that are obnoxiously loud – I really feel for all the pets that are afraid.

It was also Stranger Things Day! I am a huge nerd for Stranger Things. I adore the show. I was Eleven for Halloween in 2016.

I slept in Friday since I had the day off. It was nice to catch up on rest. When I got up, I did a couple MadFit full body workouts and took a run in the neighborhood. Later, I went back to my parents’ to bring them some of the salads I made. Julian was feeling better that evening, so we went to a carnival fest to see a band we like, Hairbangers Ball. They play a lot of fun hair metal and it’s always a good time.

Saturday, I did some cleaning and then did a leg workout. I used some heavy weights to do squats, deadlifts, and lunges, and then I did a big variation of jump squats and worked on leg strengthening without weights. After, I rollerbladed for about 3 miles. It was finally nice enough to be outside without being drenched in sweat. I blogged a little and had a fairly leisurely day reading and watching Stranger Things. It was nice to kind of relax for the weekend since I am usually on the go all the time.

Sunday, I went to Target and Aldi to pick up some household necessities and groceries. I got a bunch of fruits and vegetables, and here are some of the things I purchased: cauliflower rice, cauliflower Au Gratin, raspberries, tomatoes, cucumber, butternut squash spirals, protein brownie mix, sparkling water, yogurt, ginger, lemon, and veggie mac and cheese!

I went to the woods to walk a new trail with Oliver. He was really excited to get out there and even saw a couple horses. He is so silly when he sees them and sometimes barks. I wonder what is going through his head. I also stopped at an outdoor brewery to enjoy the beautiful evening.

Today, I started off with a green smoothie with mint leaves, spinach, strawberries, collagen, and superfood greens and had veggie pasta and yogurt for lunch. After my arm circuit, I’m ready to find something to eat. There’s a Caesar salad kit in the refrigerator with my name on it. Have a great week!

3 thoughts on “Boring Week’s Recap

  1. Hi! I just stumbled on your blog and am creeping haha. I too am watching Stranger Things! I have been rewatching the first and second seasons to prep for watching season 3 this weekend 🙂 Also, protein brownie mixes are a thing?!! I need to find them!!


    1. Hi! Creep away 🙂 Oh, I am forcing myself to try to do one episode every couple days to make it last, but it’s so good so far! Yeah, the Kodiak brand makes protein pancakes, muffins, and now these brownies. I just got them at Target!


      1. Looks like I am going to be heading to Target this weekend 😂 and I am right there with ya. We are binge watching the first 2 seasons and then are going to try to take the 3rd one slow to make it last. Great minds think alike!

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