Small Weekly Recap

Hello! It’s a beautiful but cooler Sunday afternoon in Chicago and I am going for a hike in a forest preserve after writing this post. I didn’t have a super-eventful week, but I got a lot done. This week, I am going on a small vacation to Tacoma with my mom and brother, and I am looking forward to witnessing all the mountainous forest beauty!

Monday seemed like it dragged on forever at work. I started the day with a kale, blueberry, blackberry, butternut squash, and ginger smoothie (my breakfast for the entire week!). For lunch, I had a vegetarian Lean Cuisine meal. I try not to eat those super-often and prefer fresher whole foods, but it works on busier days when I don’t have time. After work, I did an arm circuit at the gym. I used a heavy resistance band to do curls, lifts, and stretches, and then I did a small kickboxing-style circuit with 5-lb weights. I also used the pull-down bar to work on my lats, biceps, and triceps. I ended the workout with 20 minutes of interval work on the stair climber. I made a quick trip to Mariano’s to pick up a few things for the week.

I love the new sparking Ice water with caffeine. There’s a lighter amount of caffeine than there is in most energy drinks, and the citrus flavors are so great! I recently started loving grape tomatoes for snacking and salads, and that giant cucumber was on sale for fifty cents! The Almond Nut-Thins are addictive! For dinner, I had a Beyond burger with a side of zucchini and mushrooms. Tuesday was such a fun and active day for me. The weather was warm and the sun was shining, so as soon as I got out of work, I took out my roller blades and skated for 4 miles. After, I walked Oliver for 1 mile, and when I got home, I did a 20-minute full-body yoga flow. I am full of energy in the warmer months and love to spend all my time outside. For dinner, I made fajita-style shrimp with cauliflower rice.

Wednesday and Thursday were a sort of combined blur at work. I had several meetings and lots to do, so I had a quick veggie salad (without rice or beans) from Chipotle for lunch Wednesday and a Caesar salad with shrimp on Thursday. After work Wednesday, I had planned to do a leg circuit with my resistance band but forgot it at home so I improvised with a random full-body workout. I did exercises that utilized all the muscle groups and focused on my core. It was random and didn’t really have a flow, but it ended up being a great workout! Dinner was another Beyond burger with steamed broccoli and cauliflower.

On Thursday evening, I came home and did a 10-minute lower ab workout from the MadFit series and then spent some time stretching. Julian and I went to dinner with my mom. We went to Chuck’s, a restaurant that has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives! I am actually a huge fan of Guy Fieri’s shows. I know he is the subject of countless memes and some ridicule, but I could watch his shows in a marathon. I have actually learned tons of facts about cooking and food from his shows and they really inspired me to develop the interest I have in cooking now! Chuck’s is known for southern, Cajun, and barbecue food, and I did have some mac and cheese. When we got back, I read for a while and relaxed with a new low-carb, low-sugar hard seltzer I found. The flavor was really interesting and refreshing.

I was so glad when Friday rolled around (as usual!). I had to get an oil change done before work and stopped at Target to pick up a cute pair of high-waist black jean shorts and a navy and white striped tee for my upcoming trip. Julian told me I look like a cute sailor in it, which isn’t exactly the look I was going for, but it’s super-soft and comfortable! I also grabbed some immunity shots in ginger and turmeric. He has been sick this last week and the last thing I want is to be sick for my trip, so I’m doing all I can to stay well!

Since it was a mild and beautiful evening Friday, we walked over to a local park that has a wooded trail. It’s a really nice path that leads to a deeper path and is kind of randomly located in a hidden spot in the neighborhood. When I got back, I had to do laundry and clean the bathroom (super-exciting Friday night!) and we watched one of the new Black Mirror episodes.

Saturday morning started with an early visit to the vet. Oliver gets terribly nervous and shakes the whole time, but this is his face after he was done with the shots and the doctor told him he was in “superb health” (which I am super-happy about!).

After that good news, I took Oliver and Brutus for a walk around the neighborhood. In the last three minutes, it started pouring so I had to run back to the house with two crazy dogs leaping around in puddles. I made my way to the gym to do a heavier leg circuit (my favorite Saturday workout) and then came back and ate some leftover broccoli and cauliflower with two eggs. I cleaned the rest of the apartment and then had to go to a quick work meeting. It was kind of a rainy and dreary day but I got to fit in a walk around the neighborhood before settling in to watch more Black Mirror and play Dead by Daylight.

I’ll probably stop and see my dad a little later since it’s Father’s Day. He is so goofy – he told us that he wanted a lawn mower or a power washer and then ended up getting both himself! He is one of the dads that is difficult to shop for and I almost always end up getting him gift cards or things that seem meaningless, but he always seems happy with it, so I guess it works out. I will probably stop at a grocery store to pick up a very small haul to have enough groceries to make my smoothies and lunches for the next three days and then I will be in Washington! I hope you all have an awesome week!

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