My Week In a Nutshell

Hi, everyone. I hope you are having a good week so far. It has been a rainy, gloomy day in Chicago, and the beautiful 70-degree weather is now in the chilly high 40s. While not my preference, it is good blogging weather.

Last week was interesting for me because I chose not to go to the gym for a week since I’d just gotten a tattoo and wanted it to heal properly without being exposed to all the germs and bacteria a gym has. I also didn’t want to overdo it on my workouts and strain my arm or get too sweaty. I am someone who doesn’t break routine often, so it was very odd to me to not be able to go to the gym, but I worked around it!

Monday, I worked until 7 pm. I came home from work and decided to do a leg circuit in my living room. I did narrow squats, sumo squats, squat kicks, open/close squats, regular lunges, curtsy lunges, donkey kicks, and leg raises. After, I made a dinner of a vegetarian Beyond Meat burger with smoked cheddar, tomato, avocado, and lettuce, and a side vegetable medley.

Tuesday, I got home from work and did two at-home yoga sessions. One focused on the lower body and the other was yoga for stretching. Each flow tends to take about 20 minutes or so. I generally do one, but if I am feeling good and want to keep my body stretched and relaxed, I’ll do two. The dinner I made came out much better than I anticipated! I marinated salmon in siracha dressing for one hour and baked it at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes. I topped it with diced avocado and tomato. I also made a side of cauliflower gnocchi. I know Instagram is abuzz with all the various ways to cook it, but I find that just baking it with a drizzle of olive oil and some salt makes the gnocchi crispy yet tender.

Wednesday, I decided to do three different circuits at home. I just searched YouTube for workout videos without using weights. I found a 15-minute arm session (involved push-ups on the floor and against the wall, along with several pulsing exercises), a 20-minute leg workout, and a 15-minute ab workout. These ones were all pretty intense, and I liked that they weren’t super-long so that I could get a full body workout in. I was exhausted after those workouts and had a long stretch after! Dinner was a repeat of Monday’s dinner but with steamed broccoli and cauliflower as the side.

Thursday, I did another yoga flow for flexibility and relaxation and then settled in to watch the final episode of The Act on Hulu! I am bummed it’s over because it was a really dark and interesting show. Dramatization of real events can be hit or miss, but you could tell how much effort the actors put into perfecting these roles, and I enjoyed the series. For dinner, I made low-carb vegetable pizzas on Carb Balance Mission tortillas with a side salad that consisted of romaine lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, and cucumber.

I decided to finally go back to the gym Friday! I wore a long-sleeve shirt so my arm wasn’t exposed and decided to focus on cardio since I’d done stretching and strength-training all week. I ran for 10 minutes, walked on a high incline for 10 minutes, did the Arc Trainer for 10 minutes, and did the stair climber for 10 minutes. I finished up with some light arm exercises and cooled down with stretching. For dinner, I had a veggie sandwich with cucumber, tomato, lettuce, avocado, and provolone cheese on wheat bread, along with a Know Foods chocolate chip cookie.

I pretty much locked myself in the house Friday evening so I could work on grading. It’s finals week, so there is so much to do and it seems like it is never-ending! I also used my dermaroller that night and applied a Vitamin C serum and coconut oil moisturizer after. I needed to be in bed somewhat early because I had a big marketing event to work Saturday. I worked all day but squeezed in 20 minutes for a salad and left the event at 5. I went straight to the gym and completed my heavy leg-day workout.

I just spent Saturday night at home with Julian. We ordered Chinese food and listened to music and played games to try and relax. I got a California roll, a ginger salad, and stir-fried broccoli. I also tried some of his pineapple fried rice.

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous out! We wanted to take full advantage of the day, so we woke up early, had a breakfast of eggs and purple potatoes, and took Oliver to the woods. He was so happy!

After hiking for miles, we got home and cleaned up a bit and decided to enjoy the beautiful evening at a brewery with a big outdoor patio. I had worked hard all week and was excited to have an opportunity to dress up a little and try to look cute.

The weather stayed warm for the rest of the evening. I tried a sour beer that had notes of cranberry in it. It was pretty good!

Since I’d worked 6 days, I got a rare Monday off. That never happens! I took advantage of it and went to breakfast with my best friend. I had an egg sandwich with hash browns. We went over to a local lake and hiked for four miles. It was pretty warm out, but it was gray and wet outside. Luckily, the trees blocked us from most of the rain and we ended up getting a good workout in.

Later, I walked Oliver around the neighborhood, did some laundry, and went grocery shopping. I picked up a medium-size haul from Aldi.

I got eggs, kombucha, tomatoes, mushrooms, avocado, strawberries, peppers, broccoli, kiwi, spinach, kale salad, protein ice cream, Icelandic yogurt, and salmon burgers. Since I indulged a bit over the weekend, I am trying to put together a solid, nutritious menu this week. I never beat myself up over it, but it always feels good to be back on track!

I just finished Tuesday’s yoga session and I am drinking an Asian pear and ginger Kombucha as I finish this post. I hope everyone else had a great week!

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