I am fond of Saturdays because I usually have them free to sleep in if I feel I need to, complete a long workout, and do my weekly cleaning.

I always do fasted workouts on Saturdays – for me, the best start to my day is to wake up and immediately head to the gym. Saturdays are almost more of a fresh start for me than Mondays, because I have an opportunity to rest longer, take my time with my workouts (working 8-5 and then trying to work out immediately after definitely has its issues), and get a lot done during the day.

While my weekly workouts generally consist of toning/resistance/stretching exercises, I give it my all on Saturdays with heavier weights, and I usually focus on legs. This workout consisted of:

  • Squats (using squat rack, 95-lb weight) – (10 reps, 5x)
  • Deadlifts (using 55-lb barbell) – (10 reps, 5x)
  • Lunges (side, forward, backward, using 35-lb barbell on back) – (25 rep, 2x)
  • Calf raises (using 35-lb barbell) – (25 reps, 4x)
  • Step-out squats (using 35-lb barbell) – (10 reps)
  • Leg press machine (115-lb on each side for a total of 230-lbs) – (25 reps, 8x)
  • Hamstring curl machine (50-lb weights) – (10 reps, 5x)
  • Adductor machine (inner thigh – 150-lb weights) – (25 reps, 8x)
  • Treadmill (1 mile run + 10-min walk on highest incline, at 3.0 speed)

I always finish up leg workouts with deep stretches (especially when doing such heavy weights!)

When I got home, I decided to make some protein pancakes.

Kodiak cakes are filled with protein and super-easy to make! I use a regular frying pan and about a tablespoon or less of coconut oil. I cook the pancakes on medium heat and flip them when the surface is bubbling. Cinnamon oat is a great flavor as-is, but you can add dark chocolate chips, fruit, or nuts to enhance them!

The finished product

After making pancakes, I did a deep-clean of my apartment. It’s not too difficult since it’s a small space, but I have to set aside a couple hours to complete everything. I usually wash all the dishes, scrub down the counter, sink, and stove, and then clean the bathroom and sweep and wash the floors. I’ll also dust surfaces and the couch (an inherited pleather sectional).

My apartment, featuring husband

Julian is a big fan of the UFC. We usually go out to watch the fights at a bar or restaurant, but we decided to order them and invite some friends over tonight.

I usually don’t get fancy for a night-in, but it’s fun to get glam!

Tomorrow, I’m hoping for a drive or exploration through the woods. Unfortunately, I do have to go grocery shopping! I tended to wait a little too long, so now I’ll have to stock up to do a grocery haul. I will post that soon! I hope you all have a great weekend!

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