Welcome to my blog!

Hi, new friends! Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. My name is Breeanna, and I’m currently living in Chicago. I’m starting this lifestyle blog to share recipes and meal ideas, discuss my circuits and workouts, and document my explorations and musings.

I’ve loved to write creatively since I was a little girl – I would make my own “books” by illustrating and writing on pieces of computer paper I’d staple together. Over time, my passion for writing blossomed into something I wanted to explore as a career, and now I teach college-level professional writing in addition to blogging and novel-writing.

My husband, Julian

In the last few years, I’ve also developed a love for cooking and training, and this blog is a great way to help me stay accountable. It’s going to be hard for me to be able to define a niche, because I don’t really have a structured way of eating or working out, and I know a lot of readers crave consistency. However, I’m a healthy eater who loves creating colorful, delicious food, which ranges from keto to vegetarian and back along the spectrum. While most of my workouts are exciting circuits in the gym, I also do at-home yoga, run outside, hike through forests, ride my bike, and roller blade. I would love to share recap-style blogs, recipe posts, workout tips, and posts that include photos of my explorations and travel. My goal is to inspire others and get inspired.

Ab day!

I’m a lover of Halloween, graveyards, and all things spooky. I enjoy going to new cemeteries and forest preserves on weekends, and I love taking pictures of quirky or strange scenery. I am also a bit of a fashionista, so I’m hoping to combine all of my interests into one broad lifestyle site.

The woods on a foggy day

I’ve spent a long time feeling like life is monotonous, but as I grow, I realize that there’s a lot left to learn and explore, and I’m on a quest to live the most brilliant life I can. I’m so happy you’ll be joining me on this journey, and I can’t wait to thrive!

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